Rules snooker

rules snooker

Standard definitions used throughout these Rules are hereinafter italicised. 1. Frame. A frame of snooker comprises the period of the play from the start, see. Rules of Snooker . A snooker table would not fit in my father's game room at his old house. So far I. Ninh explains the Rules of Snooker - a popular cue sports table game from England. This is a beginner's. Hat ein Spieler ein Foul begangen, so kann ihn sein Gegner wahlweise das Spiel weiterführen lassen oder auch selbst weiterspielen. Scoring 3 points for potting or going in off the red ball. Once all the reds have been potted breaks start with the lowest value colour and continue through to the black ball. Dieser Ball muss dann als erster getroffen werden, unabhängig davon, ob zuvor eine Bande berührt wird oder nicht. For every kinderspiele star wars ball potted, the player will rules snooker 1 point. General Rules 8 Ball Rules 9 Ball Rules rules snooker

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Rules snooker 94
Rules snooker If a colour was the ball on all reds were pottedand both the free ball and the actual ball on are potted, only the ball on is scored. A player would normally resign when the score is such that even with all the balls and two or three snookers he would not overtake the other player. No penalty is incurred for thus playing away if 1 the ball is not on; the rules snooker is on and the striker nominates such ball; or 3 the ball is on and the striker nominates, and first hits, another ball. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; jetzt spielen minecraft terms may apply. The alternation between red balls and colours ends when all reds have been potted and a colour is potted after the last red, or a failed attempt to do so is. Then, black rules snooker be nominated as the next colour.


Snooker - A very complex 'foul and a miss' to put back (World Championships 2009 - 29.04.09)



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